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We tune to 440.

High energy?

Well, I give what I have every night. Generally speaking, after three 1 hour sets I have very little left in the tank.

What I mean to say, is that after I spank the plank I have no gank left in the tank.

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ne1roc said:
We tune down 1/2 step. I am interested in this suggestion. Can you explain?
I presume you are tuning down a 1/2 tone because of a keyboard- sax horn -etc. this means that when you are playing in E the band is playing in F.
f=1 flat
E=4 sharps

now, when you tune to A 442 Hz
you are actualy raising every key and note 2 Hz.
It is a fact that a band that is playing sharp tends to want to push harder, resulting in the audience also responding.
try it and see what happens at your next rehearsal.
Keep me advised.

break a leg
jimmy peters
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