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band memebers wanted!!!in lower mainland area of B.C.

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hey, im looking for some members to start a band, i play guitar, tryin to also learn bass and piano/keyboard, im into classic rock, mostly, and some contemporary bands, favourite bands include pink floyd, zeppeling the beatles green day blink 182 sum 41, i live in mission so preferably members from around that area:rockon: :rockon2:
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Back off ya hoser! But really, good luck with your band search.
Im in the same boat, but a different location, sorry i can't help ya dude.
In Mission eh? How old are ya? What other old school rock do u dig?
sent from heaven

i have a band and i live in mission i need bandmated too. the band is dragon warrior and i urge you to listen to some songs: anything from dragonforce(especially valley of the damned ), anything by helloween, some but not a lot iron maiden, love zeppelin, all older rock and anything with a good beat no matter which genre. get back to me on the subject [email protected] is my email. p.s. how old are you?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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