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$160 EMT Shipped from Vancouver (Canada Post Expedited).

B-Blender, never installed. With instructions and parts for installation on your Bigsby.

Guitarists, meet the B-Blender, an aftermarket B-bender unit that can be attached to any guitar with a U.S.-made or imported Bigsby vibrato.

The B-Blender is special—and very intriguing to a lot of guitarists—because it allows you to use your Bigsby the traditional way, as a normal vibrato unit, changing the pitch of whatever strings you happen to be playing as you employ the vibrato. Yet—and here's the cool part—it's also a B-bender.

Best of all, you don't need to add holes, route anything or any make permanent changes to your guitar or your Bigsby. You will, however, have to replace your Bigsby's stock arm with the B-Blender arm.

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