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Avatar 2x10 and 2x12 probs

Hi there..oct 13 2006 I bought and picked up an avatar 2x10 neo and an 2x12 neo from the factory in Idaho..I live close by in BC.

My aging aching back and good reviews/reasonable price were the deciding factors for this purchase. I f*****d up...After 30+ years of playing, I should have known better..

the 2x10 loaded with Eminence Neo's has a pretty wimpy sound. NOT lowalicious. Really nothing pleasant about it for a BASS player.

coupled with the 2x12 Eminence Neos which is a sweet sounding cab, but not mid or high alicious, the combo is pretty good.

The tweeters are obnoxious as hell.

I BLEW both these cabs at the first live session with them each.
I've been doing this for a very long time, and blew them with a clean ART ProChannel Preamp and a Crown XLS 602D amp. I haven't actually blown a speaker for about 20 years. I was devastated.

I blew the 2x12 at an outside gig competing with 2 loud guitar players, and blew the 2x10 at a practice.

These 2 cabs loaded with NEO's are really not for a professional player who has to be professional under all circumstances. They can't handle serious power that a bass player needs to do their job want to run with low power, quietly, no problem. You want to run with the big dogs, you need to look elsewhere.

Being as blown away as I was by my mistake and after much research....I bought a 'boutique' unit...a Schroeder 4x10 light...Holy crap.This is by far the best sounding/projecting/power handling speaker I've had in a long time. The $1200 dollars for a 'poor' musician was the best spent in a long time...

The same old hard learned deal...A professional needs professional tools to cover all situations, and they come at a price..These particular Avatar cabs are for the small dogs and should not be mistaken for gear that has to get loud.
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