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as sure as eggs is eggs...

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allright, there are too many damned eggs to choose from these days, in the supermarket

which eggs are the best???

I found these articles:

How to Buy the Best Possible Eggs

Healthy Eggs: What To Buy

still digesting them...

meanwhile here is a musical interlude

pre EVH fingertapping at 2:37
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Own a few chickens. They are fun.
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Can someone find this?

Archie: "Edith, whats for supper!"

Edith: "We're having tongue, Archie."

Archie: "Tongue?! I aint eatin nuttin that come outa a cow's mouth!! Make me a coupla eggs!!!"
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Hutterite chickens for me. So much tastier when they have had a life outside a cage. Same for eggs.
We had a few free-range chickens which leads me to now share... (drum roll)

True Stories of The Red Hen

1) we came home and my little son was crying: "A fox carried The Red Hen off into the bush!" Later that evening The Red Hen was back with her flock. Poor fox.

2) The Red Hen decided to lay her eggs in the straw up by the old goat shed. Hundreds of feet from the coop. One morning I went up to get the egg and there was a dead weasel laying beside the nest with his eye poked out. Poor weasel.

3) a bear was trying to get in to the chicken coop via the tiny hen entrance. After sticking his face in there a few times, he gave up and went away. Lucky bear.
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Thanks guys. I'm still laughing. Those pictures are perfect!
What came first, the chicken or the egg? From the divine to the profane in two seconds...

Kapn: Hey Lenny, how was the apprenticeship exam?

Lenny: It was hard. They had all kinds of questions. They even asked: "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" I thought about that for a long time, but I got it right.

Kapn: So what came first?

Lenny: The chicken. Because it had to lay the egg.

Kapn: Where did the chicken come from?

Lenny (with an "aha!" look): God made it.

Kapn (paternal and supportive): You did get it right Lenny. That's what all the classic philosophers say.

Lenny (obviously pleased with this praise): Hey, we're going to the strip club after. Why don't you come too? I'll buy you a lap dance.
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This presupposes way more than the classic philosophies in my not-so-humble opinion. Remove statements like:

1) "egg-laying animals existed long before the chicken came about" (presupposition presented as fact)
2) "these small mutations in DNA over thousands of generations create new species" (presupposition presented as fact)
3) "we classify species according how they are now, not how they were millions of years ago" (etc.)

I know some of you are going to automatically turn this into a creation vs evolution argument in a matter of minutes. I won't participate in that. All I ask is:

What are the presuppositions that classic philosophers present as fact?

If you can't answer that, your position in the chicken/egg debate is not fully informed. Can we avoid the usual half-baked internet arguments from BOTH SIDES. I doubt it. Lol.

Thanks Laristotle. I like the bit about the OV-17. I would like to try some proto-chicken eggs with some proto-bacon. Mmmmm...
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Laristotle? Wasn't he one of the original classic philosophers? WTF!
Emma Morano of Italy turned 117 years old last November. She says, her long life is due to eating two eggs every day. Sorry guys, nothing said about bacon. She also booted out a husband that she didn't love in 1938 and remained single. Hard to say what the real evidence is here... Sorry again guys.
Bet she smokes and drinks a fair amount of wine too.
My Dad smoked a pipe until he was seventy:

"You know why I smoke Erinmore tobacco? It's the strongest I can find; if I could find something stronger, I'd smoke that."

He lived to 94. And even then, I think he just "gave up the ghost", as they say, because he was both blind and deaf ("This is no way to live.")

Mom made it to 94 as well. They drank coffee every morning and tea every night. So do I. Very "scientific" of me, eh?
Egg Egg Food Finger food Dish
My wife keeps horse on the farm just outside the village. She came home with these.
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Bump. Zombie thread. One of our classics. Dramatic. Controversial. Good reading until the end of the pandemic. 😷
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