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as sure as eggs is eggs...

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allright, there are too many damned eggs to choose from these days, in the supermarket

which eggs are the best???

I found these articles:

How to Buy the Best Possible Eggs

Healthy Eggs: What To Buy

still digesting them...

meanwhile here is a musical interlude

pre EVH fingertapping at 2:37
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wow that's a drag!!

have you tried just the egg whites?
He's a good egg
when I was a kid I saw a chicken scuttle under the wooden fence around the pig pen

the pigs promptly cornered the chicken, smeared it into the mud, and then devoured it

freaked me out, I'd only seen the the pigs eat "pig feed" up to that point

so I guess chickens AND pigs eat pretty much anything

I had no problems eating bacon & eggs after that
man, I'm learning all kinds of useful stuff in this thread!
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lately I have been steaming my eggs, instead of hardboiling

the white texture is fluffier, and if you like them with a runny yolk I think it's easier to nail, as the steamer has a timer on it

I originally bought the steamer to murder vegetables, but it's great for eggs too
....edited, questionable joke potentially in very bad taste

what the fuck....seriously?

I did like the portabello shrooms you posted though...those are tasty. do you have a recipe to go with that pic?

wondering what the glaze etc is
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