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Pro VLA II by ART Pro Audio

"Tube" / vactrol (optical) leveling amp (compressor/limiter)

Other than to test just recently, haven't turned it on in a year, just got so many comps in the rack so lets make space. Comes with power cord - original box long gone. Otherwise excellent condition - rack rash (around screw holes and some scratches on the top) but the faceplate is mint (VU meters still have the plastic film on them).

Original Ruby 12AT7s are installed. The Vactrol is a VTL5C like just about any current prod optical pedal ( compressors, univibe copies, trems, the occasional chorus).

These go for US$200-300 used on ebay /reverb ($420 new at L&M) so lets call it C$280 (local sale).

Willing to ship if you think it's worth it (it would cost $40 to Prince Rupert, BC for example).




1 - 2 of 2 Posts