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The Hofner New President is almost as loud as my acoustic. Extremely rich tone, ala a Gibson L5. The neck seems longer as it joins the body at the 16th fret, but it makes playing the upper chords very easy. The Jazzica has a different body dimension so I don't know if you can compare the two. But the carved top is the only way I'd go now. Feedback is not an issue, unless you play in a loud group. Judicious use of equalization and amp placement can eliminate most feedback. I got mine at Jeff Hale's at an unbelieveable price. You might want to check him out.

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If you are looking for a Jazzica, there are several available at Canadian dealers in the East half of the country:

- Steve's Music (Montreal/Toronto/Ottawa) has at least one w/blonde finish in stock. Call the Montreal store and speak to Dave Ganz to find it.
- Remenyi Music in Toronto has a new blonde Jazzica in stock
- Italmelodie in Montreal has a NOS 1999 Jazzica in stock - VERY cool guitar.
- Musicien D'Oz in Quebec City may have one in stock.

Hofner Canada currently has a blonde Jazzica and a violin finish Jazzica in stock in Canada that can be shipped to any dealer. You can always order one from a local Hofner dealer. Here's a partial list of Canadian Hofner dealers for electric guitars:

12th Fret,Toronto
Acclaim Sound & Lighting,North Bay
Avalon Music,Dundas
Brantford Music Centre, Brantford
Central Music, Welland
Classical Guitars & Accessories, Cambridge
Elfner Guitars, Lindsay
George's Music, Cobourg
Greasy Groove, DeWinton
Guitar Nuts Music Shop, Bancroft
Harvest Moon Acoustics, Canmore
Innovative Guitar Ideas, Sudbury
Le Musicien D'Oz Quebec City
London Guitar Shop, London
Music In Fusion, Barrie
One on One Guitars, Regina
Quest Musique, Winnipeg
Remenyi House of Music, Toronto
St. John's Music Centre, Spaniard's Bay
Steve's Music, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa
Strings Attached Music Shop, Streetsville
Tom Lee, Vancouver & Victoria
Tony's One Stop Music Centre, Chatham
Uptown Music, Peterborough
....with more to come

you can always contact me for more info.
- Hammertone

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Hofner Canada
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