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Here is a truly unique one, and it might be the best and baddest germanium Fuzz Face you’ll ever find. A 90s Arbiter England Dennis Cornell AC128 Fuzz Face, which I had modified/rebuilt by Michael at MJM Guitar FX in 2018.

As you may know, these Cornell built AC128 fuzzes were not typically spec’d properly from the factory. MJM put together an unreal sounding unit, with hand picked NOS germanium transistors. Michael said he A/B’d it with his vintage Fuzz Face, and preferred this one (see the email screenshot).

I am also including the original components, which were functional before the rebuild, and the stock jacks (which were somewhat faulty).

It’s very clean, and in excellent condition. The rubber pad peels up a bit at the top, which is common. I just never bothered to glue it back down.
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