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Anyone in Ottawa have an EHX Ring Thing for demo?

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I'm intrigued by the possibilities afforded by the EHX Ring Thing, but i would really like to try one out before I get L&M to order one in (they aren't cheap, nor big sellers I gather).

Is there anyone in Ottawa who has one and would be interested in letting me try it out one evening? We could do it at my place, and you'd be welcome to try any of my pedals that caught your interest.

Many thanks!
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I should have thought of that. I'll give them a call and see. Thanks!
So they don't have one in stock - but the fellow who answered the phone was extremely helpful. We talked pedals for quite some time. He'd played one extensively and made me want to buy the pedal even more.

I may have to order this one from Lauzon when the ol' gear fund reaches critical mass again.
I've always thought that ring modulator pedals needed a momentary switch, such that the effect could be inserted in little stabs for as long as you held the button down. It's generally not the sort of thing one leaves on for extended periods. Although those ring modulators whose modulation rates can go subaudio and double as tremolos obviously benefit from have a conventional latching stompswitch
I agree. My Boss SL-20 has a momentary option and I use it in the way you describe.

I suppose one could build an external looper with a momentary switch, or one could mod the pedal itself to add an additional momentary switch if there is room inside to accomodate it.

The last option is the most complex but elegant: change out the latching switch for a momentary one and add some switching logic to make it act as momentary or latching depending on if you switch and release or hold it down (as many delays and reverbs do to freeze sounds).
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