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I've been playing for 22 years, have owned close to 20 basses, and have never owned a Fender (or clone), and have never played a P bass. I haven't played anything other than a 5'er in the last number of years either.

I need to update my sig, as I've sold both my basses and my amp and am awaiting an SX 5 string jazz fretless which I will mod.

At any rate, I went to band practice last night and was to play a P.O.S. Squire jazz special, but my singer brought his 5 year-old MIM P bass for me to use. Other than original strings that were totally pooched, it was set up well.

I can't believe I've always "assumed" the p bass to be too simple, and thus not worth a look. I've always looked to the higher end of the spectrum (2 Warwicks, 2 Fbasses, a Ken Smith, a Zon, MF, 2 Music Mans, Kubicki etc...)

I was blown away with the simplicity and the endless thump. New strings and being more familiar with my new amp would have helped, but I had so much fun last night. I think after I get my jazz 5er, I'm going to throw gig money towards a P bass. :rockon:
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