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I was In a Toronto music store ( 12 frett) back around the year 02,Thinking about buying a guild starfire for 1800.00 and i see this Cherry red Dearmond hanging there for 729.00.
Well after trying it out i decided to buy the clone instead of the real deal.I guess money talks.

I gotta tell ya, this things really rocks out.I have had it 7 years now and just had a pro dress the fretts and set it up..Boy do i notice a difference..this guy really knows his stuff. This guitar now plays better than when it was new.

I was so impressed with the Dearmond i bought another Dearmond starfire ( sunburst) in Ottawa after they discontinued them and another DeArmond Special / with Bigsby off Ebay from a guitar store in Kentucky.

You gotta like the hollowbody electric guitars., not as much sustain as the gibson but the notes stand out better.

I have a Gibson Les- paul Custom, Rickenbacker 620,Fender Elite, and my player is the cherry red Dearmond.

I have heard of people saying you can pick up two gibsons of the same model and one will sound better..
Well i have two dearmonds here and the only difference is the color, and this Cherry red one sounds best.

Just thought i share my story about Dearmonds.. They made them for 5 years and Fender stopped production and started making a similar Fender model.. But the key is the Gold tone Dearmond pickups.. They really rock!!!!

Anybody got any here???

Cheers Rick

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I had one, but recently sold it. I had a Dearmond M77T with the Dearmond 2K pickups. It was an incredible guitar. Flawless construction and great sounding pickups. There "Digsby" units were top notch as well. It was a Gretsch orange too, and was stunning to look at.

The only drawback with the M75 and M77 series Dearmonds is that they were built insanely heavy. Anytime you look up reviews you will see that mentioned, and I can tell you it's true. Especially when you get a Digsby equipped one. The M77 was supposed to be chambered, but it didn't do a heck of a lot to relieve the weight. The weight is the reason I had to sell mine.

They are creeping up in price, but you can still get the M75's and M77's for under $500. Which is a ridiculous price considering how well they are built.

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Never owned one but I have played a couple and have been fairly impressed. Nice tone for the price.
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