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Another item on my list to check out. I remember playing one of the p90 models and really liking it when they came out, but I never see them around for sale anymore.
If you have one, how do you like it ?

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I have one! An AX model, so 2 humbuckers and a 5-way super switch. HBs are coil tapped so there are some single coil settings and each switch position sounds different. They are very hot pickups and it's noticeably louder than my Fender Strat if I just swap guitars and don't touch the amp. I keep thinking that a rewire to get some parallel options might be the ticket to tame the output a bit but for now I just turn the amp down a bit. I'm sure that for driving an amp to distort these would be great, but I'm not there yet...

15" radius neck is harder for me to play compared to the 9.5" Fender necks I'm used to. It's not a fat neck but feels wide although not deep. Frets are medium. The neck is very well made but I did have to dress the fret ends slightly.

The hardware and electronics are all top notch - no need to ever replace it. Full sized pots and a real 5-way super-switch, locking tuners, and the trem bridge is top quality made by Gotoh and is recessed into the body. It's a fantastic bridge comparable to the US Strat 2-point bridge.

The body size and shape are a bit different, but OK. No tummy cut or forearm slant so it sits more like a smaller Tele or Les Paul Junior then a Strat. It is not heavy at all and it hangs well standing (but being the novice that I am, I don't play standing...).

Every time I think I need to sell it, I play it and then decide I need to practice more and get better so that I can eventually play it to it's full potential. I think it really needs to be played into a Peavey 5150 and a 4x12 to really be judged (not a Roland cube in my basement, haha...)
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