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Any place where I can try a Gretsch near Montreal?

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I'm trying to get back to playing the guitar after a 15-20 year hiatus. I currently have a Peavy Predator Plus that I'm planning on restoring, but in the meantime, I'm looking to get a new guitar. After a lot of web searching, I've become quite interested in Gretsch guitars. I still don't know which one I should get (my budget is quite limited - around 500$), and in order to decide, I would need to play with a few myself. Problem is, I can't seem to find a place around Montreal that holds Gretsch guitars in stock.

Any one knows of any such place? I live in Laval (north shore of Mtl), but can drive a little if it's worth it.

(As a side note, I'm also considering buying a Les Paul type of guitar, probably an Epiphone. Any insights comparing that and a Gretsch would be more than welcome :))

Thanks guys!
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Long and McQuade carries Gretsch and there is one in Laval, St-Eustache, and Montreal. Do they have any in stock?
I'll ask. From their website, it seems they don't have any of the cheaper ones in stock, but I'll try and confirm.
Steve's in Toronto has a few of the Streamliner and Electromatic series in stock. Perhaps the Montreal location carries them too.
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I could try one at L&M and another model at Archambault (local chain in QC). I loved the G2655 so much I just might pull the trigger :) Still not sure though, since it's a few hundred dollars more than what I had in mind...
Steve's Music is in Montreal
Musique Diplomate is listing 20 Gretsch guitars on their web site right now. I don't know if they're all in stock, but I know they have quite a few. Give them a call. Probably the best music store in Montreal for higher-end stuff. Located on rue Beaubien. I doubt that you can get a new Gretsch for $500 however.
I always liked the orange one.
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