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So I've decided to help out my Old high school with their music program (while still running my full time life insurance business that I've been running since 2006). Yeah I know crazy. Anyway I believe that God puts things in our way for a reason. This was so obviously one of those situations. It's a French school with 100% French. (English classes as per govt rules).

School has a 75%+ African population (due to the French speaking countries over there. Lovely kids).

Well I am taking over a very disregarded program. I've started with choral stuff and ear training.

This semester I've got: {with my wish list incl. }
Gr 10 music (lots of talent here).
Shortage of instructional info on trombone, ten. Sax,
5 clarinet
1 flute
3 trumpet
2 ten sax
3 guitar
1 -2 bass
1 trombone
1-2 drummers

It's been chaotic. Full stop.

Gr7 and gr8 for 3 mo each.

Decided to spend 85% of the whole program's yearly budget on 42 ukuleles and do a uke program. ! Bam!!

I'm in uncharted waters.

Finally gr 11 intro to music. (what used to be known as general level )

Lovely group of 8 girls. Decided to start backwards and write songs (2-3) and then deconstruct them to teach what elements we've used.

Anyone got access to good trombone and sax pdfs?? English is fine. Can't seem to find much.

Also generally open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance. I'll be sharing some results and things unfold. This Friday will be the end of my first 2 weeks.

Bon voyage to me !!!

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Is your teaching certification in Music? Are you teaching these classes or volunteering to help the teacher for the classes?

Ensure you are following the curriculum documents. They are available online. PM me if you need help. Yes, I'm a teacher.

Your department head at the school should be able to provide assistance with linking you with other professionals at schools in your board. They will provide guidance and share what they are doing in their programs.
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