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Any Andrea Bocelli/Charlotte Church/Sarah Brightman Fans Here?

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Definately one of my favorite singers. Him, Charlotte Church, Sarah Brightman, my favorites right now.
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hey guitaristZ....
his version of Ava excellent....I'm am not much of a fan of that genre of music....
but I saw him on a TV special once and couldnt turn it off.....
pure tone......

Charlotte can sing as well

I think Sarah Brightman can sing anything, and do it extremely well. I find her gifted, but self-absorbed.
I'm reserving judgement on Church since she's younger. Let's see what she does in the next few years. Bocelli is also excellent, but not my 'bag'.
...bocelli is wonderful.

i like sarah brightman EXECPT when she covers pop tunes. huge cringe factor there.

you need to check out zucchero, italian pop singer. his dvd "live at the royal albert hall" is phenomenal. clapton and pavarotti guest, among others.

ill check those out guys thanks!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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