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Any Amp techs in the Brampton, ON area?

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Do any of you know of any amp techs in the Brampton area? Or even further North for that matter? (I am in Orangeville).

A guy just opened a shop in Caledon, but I am leary of using anyone with out ANY type of refferral.
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In Toronto call Martin Newall at (905) 472-6394.He is a true professional and is reasonable.He can fix anything with tubes and used to be an one of the only amp techs around who was authorized to repair peavey amps.
He also builds a KILLER JTM45.
When I have a problem I can't solve,he's my first and last call.I live in Calgary and he's in Toronto.He's the best around,trust me.
Rob Fowler at Classic Amps in Cambridge

Rob also works at the Brampton L&M.
chris patterson , impact audio , mississauga ....much recommended April Wine , BNL , Philosopher Kings etc ...
I've heard only good things about Tim at Songbird in Toronto.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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