Sheesh, all the cool kids lowering their MJT pricing from $1,600 to $1,550 - I can do that, too!
Here’s a really wonderful strat in cream!

-MJT pine body in mild relic Cream nitro finish - 4 lbs, 9 oz.;
-Warmoth neck - modern, Korina, rosewood;
-Gold-plated new Fender bridge & trem arm;
-Gold-plated jack cup, strap buttons, pickguard screws, neck plate, string retainers;
-Gold-plated new vintage-style Gotoh tuners;
-tortoise pickguard (plastic still on it) and cream plastic that matches the body colour;
-pickups Texas Special-style AlNiCo V, RWRP;
-total weight: 8.04 lbs.

-new neck, no fret wear; Warmoth “Standard Thin” (typically @.800” at 1st fret, .850” at 12th fret)
Actual Specs:
-nut width: 1.692”;
-neck depth at 1st fret: .825”;
-neck depth at 12th fret: .855”;
-standard Warmoth modern neck profile;
-Warmoth compound radius.

I have another MJT/Warmoth strat for sale as well.
I’d be happy to swap anything between the two strats - neck, steel bridge block, pickguard.
Also happy to do either of them in nickel/chrome hardware, or black plastics, but I think the current garb looks great on both of them.

Comes with a Fender gig bag. IEMT, cash, Paypal F&F, - all good. Happy to ship anywhere for the cost of shipping. Come on down and get your gold on!