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Hey all. Back in the winter I picked up a Kona Acoustic guitar and brought it back here to the "Island of Misfit Guitars" with the plans of rehabilitating it and releasing it back into the wild. I got it cheap because the previous owner said the pickup "doesn't work" and that his homemade saddle didn't turn out very good. It was actually in very good shape cosmetically with almost no scratches except for a couple of very small marks on the back. I buy these guitars with the intention of teaching myself guitar maintenance/repair and hopefully make couple of bucks when it's all said and done. Well after a busy spring/summer I finally dove into it tonight and got it done. The problem with the pickup was actually a combo of a dead battery and a loose connection at the jack. Pulled the jack out through the sound hole, cleaned it and re-soldered a loose connection and then used a piece of string to fish it back through the hole and attach the nut. Another member showed me their homemade tool using a 1/4 connector from an old patch cord that I will be making for the next time I have to do this! The saddle was as I said a homemade one from the previous owner and it sat way too high. I purchased a new Tusq saddled and sanded (and sanded) it until it was the right height and installed it. It is a little looser than I would have liked but it was the best fit I could find at my local guitar shop. After that I oiled the fret board, restrung it, adjusted the action and polished it and now she's all done and ready to go to a new home!

It is actually a descent guitar for a budget guitar. It plays well and sounds good for the money and someone will enjoy it I'm sure.

A few new lessons learned and hopefully I'll make a few dollars more than I spent! Now to list it on Kijiji and start shopping for my next project!

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