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Yeah it's late but ........

qoute from

"We're living this sort of isolated experience where we go from the private jet to the heavily draped backstage areas that are prepared for us, to the onstage back, to the private jet, back to the five-star hotel -- and so on and so forth," he said.

"So it's kind of more existential in a way. But we're not having quite the same visceral existence we had before, where we were like driving ourselves, in the gas stations in the middle of Missouri. We're living a different life now. We're like three princes who have to be protected at all cost. We're the three jewels that are making all the money for everyone."

So does that mean he's digging it? I sure wouldn't dig a cross country tour of Canada in the winter. But for gigging with the Police hmmm doesn't sound that bad.

If you want to trade bands Andy, I would be happy to oblige.
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