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And so it has happened. Ebay ads now appearing in Kijiji searchers

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You kind of knew it was coming, but man does this suck.

Just like an app that starts ad free, then has a few, then becomes so chock full of ads it becomes useless, I fear kijiji will eventually add so many ebay listings it won't be worth using.

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I don't see any eBay ads when I click on Kijiji. However, I have AdBlock Plus and Ghostery on my computer. Perhaps they are blocking them.

Nope, I have Ad-Block as well and I see them on Kijiji all the time.
hmmm...I haven't noticed them yet.
cant say I'm surprised really....not sure why we expect to get something for nothing just because its the internet.

Ads are fine and they obviously need to pay their bills, but there are no ads on Craigslist. And these Ebay ads are another story as there are multiple ads per page. I am on Kijiji right now and the page I am looking at has three Ebay ads. You basically get 7-8 normal ads (which already include ads from businesses such as apwn shops, etc. who spam their ads all over the place) and then an Ebay ad. Go another 7-8 ads and there is another Ebay ad. They are all over Kijiji lately.
The format of craigslist is so inferior to kJ, that I gave up on it years ago.
Id love to see some screenshots of the ads....I'm on a page now and don't see any.
Kijiji Canada

I just tried to take a screen shot for you but it didn't work. I am on a relatively new desktop and just plugged this new keyboard in a few days ago so am not sure why the print screen function isn't working. Perhaps someone else can take an image and post it.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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