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david henman said:
...not THAT expensive!

the overdrive supreme 50-watt 1-12 combo is $3,295.00 USD. the 30-watt 1-12 combo is $2,895.00 USD.

that's still a ton of dough, but if it gives me the kind of tone and response described by my friend, i think i'd be willing to make the sacrifice. i could probably raise half of that just by selling a few amps and pedals!

trouble is, of course, there is no way of trying one out in toronto, unless you guys know of a dealer who carries a couple of models in stock...anyone?
The 1st part of the article talks about amp market and copycat products built from ... "rare and expensive amp (we're talking 30k these days)"... and I assume that that's what you meant before reading futher in the article. Sorry!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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