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A good and kind story for a change.

Alan Doyle replaces cherished guitar stolen from elderly man

CBC News · Posted: Dec 15, 2018 12:33 PM NT | Last Updated: December 15

Special delivery from Alan Doyle! (Alan Doyle/Twitter)
After a theft, a story and a tweet from the right person, 82-year-old veteran Edward Sheppard is once again strumming a guitar.

"Newfoundland people are the best people on the planet," said his daughter, Yolanda Sheppard. "I said it before and I'll say it again!"

Alan Doyle


He’s still got it, too. Well done Mr. Sheppard. What a Gent. Thanks @markcritch for kickstarting a lovely gathering.


11:18 AM - Dec 15, 2018

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Edward Sheppard's previous guitar — a cherished gift from his late wife, who saved up for over a year to buy it for him — was stolen from his Stephenville Crossing home.

Comedian Mark Critch tweeted the CBC News story about the theft and asked if any of his musician friends could supply a new guitar for Sheppard.

Musician Alan Doyle answered the call.

Alan Doyle


Wonderful hang with a wonderful man. Merry Christmas Mr. Sheppard. Hope you get your stolen guitar back. This one should keep u going till then.

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