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I've been looking for a bass amp to use with the low rotor sim on my Motion Sound Pro3T (for my Hammond).

Last night I picked up an old Traynor TS-50B bass head and 1-15 matching cab ($200).

Well, sorta. It's a TS215 cab (2-15s) that some previous owner decided would be nice to cut in 1/2. So now it's a TS115 I guess.

And to make it look way nicer, someone decided to redo all the corners of the head and cab, with silver duct tape. LOL.

So I have a large cleanup job to do now.

The amp has a ground buzz, I'll try to find it myself, may have to take it in to get fixed. Noticeable on the Gain knob and when bumping treble.

But, I tested out one of the 60 watt Fender Rumble bass amps ($279 new at L&M), it was not even close to the power that these old Traynors put out.

Solid state, great big knobs. Even has a boost switch, which is kinda a crappy old fuzz bass sound. I love old gear.
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