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replace a P-90???? just kidding

there's a Lollar mini hum on ebay right now actually but if I can GAS at your expense :food-smiley-004: at NAMM TV Jones announced a P-90 sized toaster pickup....that would be cool in that guitar

P'Tron Mount

The P'Tron uses the same size cover as the stock P-90 soapbar, but with a TV Jones pickup under the hood.

Available in Black and Cream

I'm not spamming 'cause I'm not a TV jones dealer...maybe I should

re the pots, RS Guitarworks has 330k's with all shaft sizes and Stellartone has a ganged 250k/500k pot (use one stack for the single and the other for the humbucker)

Hope that helps,

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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