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Vintage Takamine

I've got a 1978 Takamine F-307 that has been a fabulous campfire guitar and all around survivor. It is pretty much the size of a parlor guitar and it has a laminate top, which is probably the one thing that has stopped it from being completely useless by this point. I rescued it from a friend about 5 years ago...he had kept it in his garden shed on the acreage, so she was a little warped at first, but came back into shape once I had constant string tension for about 6 months or so. This guitar has a great neck and great action

I am constantly now on the look out for a Takamine F-320S or 340S.
If you must have a spruce top and happen to come across one of these, then you should snap it up. You won't be disappointed, and it will fall into your price range. These guitars are also known as the Martin Lawsuit Guitar for reasons that become obvious once you play one. You might also look for a Yamika, which is also a Martin clone.
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