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Good posts by everyone up above regarding the best available solid tops at a great price...but I have a different point for your perspective. I have an old laminate top guitar ('70's vintage, by the Suzuki Violin company off all companies :eek: ) that I bought when I was in university in the '80's. It's been to the beach and full of sand, it's been camping around roaring hot camp-fires, had beer spilled all over it, it's been dropped, it's been played by 100 other guitarists and it's been loved. I'm not afraid to fuss around with the truss rod because I have nothing to loose. I always wanted an expensive, solid top guitar...the kind you see in the humidified rooms at the guitar shops so I went out and bought an expensive Takamine. I have about 7 guitars around the house in different rooms, and I told the guy that this was going to be my dining room guitar, I wanted to play it and not fuss with it. My bad. I was warned...during the winter my house gets really dry and the guitar dried out completely and warped...needed luthier repair...WTF.
Moral of the story...I have spent thousands of dollars on electric, acoustic, and classical guitars...the cheap plywood top has never let me down.
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