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Acrylic Guitars - Clear...and very clean lol!

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Pretty neat guitar I would say:

According to google:
100 British pounds = 227.434718 Canadian dollars

thats not a bad price at all if it sounds decent...slap some EMG actives in and the body material wont make much difference anyway haha. Do you guys think that if a person put an EMG 81/85 combo in one it would sound decent for hard rock type sounds? Just curious. I wouldnt buy one though cuz im currently waiting for a hamm guitar to come my way :)

I suppose you would play that guitar mostly on a "clean" setting :rockon2:
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The tone "specialists" will dismiss acrylic guitars as junk, but then again, they say the same about modelers.

Personally I think they look very cool and if the right one crossed my path I would take a good look at it.
How much do these suckers weigh? I've heard that the Dan Armstrong Ampeg solid body acrylic is a back breaker.
I don't know exactly, but I've picked one up and it felt about the same as a Les Paul.

I guess if you have a back problem or something it might be a consideration, but people b1tch about the weight of Les Pauls all the time and I've never found them to be uncomfortably heavy. Generally you only hold it up for an hour or less at a time.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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