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Acrylic Guitars - Clear...and very clean lol!

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Pretty neat guitar I would say:

According to google:
100 British pounds = 227.434718 Canadian dollars

thats not a bad price at all if it sounds decent...slap some EMG actives in and the body material wont make much difference anyway haha. Do you guys think that if a person put an EMG 81/85 combo in one it would sound decent for hard rock type sounds? Just curious. I wouldnt buy one though cuz im currently waiting for a hamm guitar to come my way :)

I suppose you would play that guitar mostly on a "clean" setting :rockon2:
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A few years back my supplier had some Dillions made in acrylic, they were heavy and more expensive to produce. Since acrylic is an oil based product they are even more expensive to make now. The main problem with these acrylic guitars is the headstocks were acrylic while the neck was maple, the headstock was joined by a scarf joint to the neck and separated easily if dropped.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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