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Hey Everyone,

I though it would be great to start a thread of the custom guitars that will be showcased at Vancouver Guitar Festival in August!

I'll begin by sharing a local Vancouver builder GR Bear Guitars. I've had the privilege of seeing these instruments during his build process. Amazing craftsmanship!

Rosette detail...Simple yet classy.

Check out this gidgee and blackwood!

Love the V joint and end headstock detail


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Vancouver Guitar Maker Meredith Coloma is recognized as one of the leading next generation guitar builders in the world. She studied in New York with renowned electric builder Roger Sadowsky (guitars for Springsteen, Keith Richards and Jim Hall) and had the rare opportunity to apprentice with master acoustic builder Michael Dunn in Vancouver. She currently runs a successful business handcrafting custom guitars and teaching guitar building at her Vancouver Guitar Building Workshop.

Thanks for posting this. I wish it was closer and I could attend.

The 2017 listing of luthiers is amazing...

2017 Luthiers

Have a wonderful show!
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