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Most bang for your buck, IMO, is the K&K Pure Western mini. A step up from that would be the Trinity system, for greater blending of tones, and I think they came out with a better version of that one now.

To me, K&K delivers the most natural acoustic sound of any pickups that I've installed in my guitars. That list includes various B-Bands, Fishmans, Sun, Petillos, Highlanders and LR baggs. The mini Pure Westerns are better than the full size ones because they control the low end better than the standards do--the only complaint I've ever heard about Pure Westerns--but that could be fixed in the mix. The minis are also guranteed to fit any bridge plate, while standards may be too big for some. I also like that they are passive and require no battery, and the mixing is done off the guitar--I hate on board mixers, myself:)

Because Pure Westerns are soundboard transducers, and not under-saddle, there is no mucking around with the action set-up. Also, it's very critical to have a perfectly flat saddle slot for contact with an under-saddle type pickup. If you don't, you will have uneven response and will have to put some kind of clay in between to get the contact right. I've swapped K&K's for B-Bands in a few guitars with excellent results! Lastly, K&K is a family run business, and if the customer has any concerns, they can speak right to the inventor himself!

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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