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As 2006 winds down and I look back at the year I think it's only fitting to pay a small tribute to the guys who have so faithfully and ably supported me both on stage and off.

Please allow me to introduce the band.

John Slawek - keyboards, guitar, vocals.
I found John playing in ethnic bands (polkas and the like) and after one rehearsal I knew he had the skills to become a great rock keyboardist.

What can I say. He's a critical element.

Kevin Barrie - Drums, vocals
Kevin may be the single most technically skilled player in the group. He's a monster and I'm bloody thrilled to have him.

Tom Dorschner - Bass

Tom is the hardest working guy in the band. When there's work to be done, it's generally him and I. He's a solid bassist and a great friend. I would say, with the possible exception of myself, there's nobody in this band who loves it more.

Tyler Wilson - Sound, Beth Dorschner - Lights

Our able and dedicated crew. TOTALLY necessary and totally appreciated.

These are the folks who allow me to live out my childhood fantasy and act like a rock star.

Thanks for indulging me.

I know my guys peek in here every once in awhile.
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