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Tonight at the Italian Canadian Club there was a baseball year end banquette.
Probably 350 people attended.

Playing after the meal was a 4 piece band.
Girl singer, drums, guitar and bass.
I don't know the name of the band but they where all well seasoned musicians.

Bottom line is the sounded great and played all the typical rock standards.
How did they sound so good...

Guitarist had 2 Marshall combo amps sitting on the floor right beside each other.
All I can say about his tone is that I imagined those Marshall amps set to completely clean,
and then turned up to say 5 or 6 on the volume. Great Great tone. NO PEDALS.

Bass player had a 4x10 David Eden cabinet and 2 single ( looked home made) 15" cabinets.
Also looked like a David Eden Head.

Drummer had a modest setup with only his bass drum miked.

Singer sang thru a powered mixer with 2 x ( 12" and horn cabinets.)
Sounded great .

Sometimes its not that difficult to get a great sound is you just bring the right tools...


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The right tools and a pro sound person.

Two short acoustic sets last night, one with a singer and one with a violinist. Huge old former catholic church currently used as a community centre. We were all mic-ed, I had a shotgun condenser of unknown brand and played either my acoustic or Dobro. One monitor properly positioned without my direction. Dead simple and basically idiotproof. Real good and very young (late teens) soundman controlled everything with a tablet and roamed the room a bit but somehow remained invisible to the audience. He obviously knew the room and the gear, and he was quite personable. If every one-off gig was like this I'd do it for a living.
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