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Picked up a Caline CP-05 power brick today on Kijiji. I have all the parts to make myself a functionally equivalent unit in all analog form, but for $30 I saved myself a lot of work and time that could be better allocated to other things. Sseven of the nine 9V outputs only provide 100ma, but pretty much all the pedals I want to stick on the board are going to be analog, so current draw and heterodyning along power lines won't be much of an issue.

The "board" is a Boss BCB-60 I picked up second hand some time ago, but never put to use. As shown below, Boss expects you to use it with 6 of their pedals, hence the "60". Their BCB-30 is always shown with 3 Boss pedals. But if you remove the bar that says "Boss BCB-60", and don't use the foam inserts they provide (I'll be using velcro), you can fit a LOT of pedals on it; especially if you have any "micro" pedals (using a Hammond 1590A enclosure) or MXR-sized pedals (using a Hammond 1590B). I also scored myself a Caline mini-wah a few months back that has a footprint about the same size as a 125-C chassis.

The "perfect fit" in the header is that the power brick fits perfectly in the moulded nook where the tuner in the pic below sits. I re-engineered the power distribution section over on the top left so that it has more outlets paralleled. Between the new brick, the extra space I've created, and the flexibility of how the power can get to the pedals, I may be able to stick a dozen on there, including the wah. I look forward to finally having a pedalboard that can pack up and be closed and carried, with nothing hanging off the side. I'll be sure to post pics once it's done.

Rock and roll, here I come!

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