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Ever since discovering the instrumental "Monongahela" by Eric Tingstad, I've wanted to do a song in drop D tuning (DADGBE).
Those lowered 6th string notes in some chords totally change the nature of the chord, adding a pleasant complexity that's quite different and appealing.

I wrote the chord progressions for this tune a few years ago, and have been wondering for a long time if I could ever make a complete song of it. Finally, this year, after due contemplation, the chord progressions, in (sorta) arpeggio form, became the start, the rhythm track. Adding drums and bass tracks was relatively straightforward. The melody/solo track, though, was a more of a challenge, in that I didn't want it to conflict with or overwhelm the rhythm track.

For anyone who cares, the rhythm track was done on my Heritage H155 (single coils), and the melody/solo track on the Heritage H535.

Here it is.............
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