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ajcoholic said:
Lowtones, was this supposed to be a separate thread? Some guys may not see it in here.

Thats prettyhard core for polishing, I am sure its amazing. For my relatively small # of guitars I am still using a 6" hand held cloth wheel in a high speed drill, with rouge (the white stuff finer than the red) for my final polish.

I am using some CIL automotive paste polish pre buffing wheel, but unfortunately after 17 years (yes, I bought the can in 1989 or 90') the can is almost used up. Hope I can find something similar. I hate changing products when something works for so long, so well.

What are you using for rubbing out the finish before the buffing wheel hits it? I generally go from sprayed finish (where I am using 320 between coats) to a light level with 400 wet, then 800 wet and 1200 wet. The polish and finaly buff.

LOL, yes it was supposed to a seperate thread. Oh well I'm sure they will see it in here and think that I'm being an A hole for hijacking your thread.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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