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so.. I'm out scouting around town wherein lies 2 music shops..
one has alot of stuff electric,, one has alot of stuff acoustic..

I'm scoping this MIK Jazz Special 24 something or other,, active pups and s1 switch yadda yadda,, more than I want to spend...

go to next shop,, and,, there she is.. a 95 Gibson LPB Special.
Thunderbird active Barts, all 'ebony' , ebony fretboard,,,

plugged it in,, played it,,, needless to say,, walked out with it,,

it's got signs of use,, (missing finish areas, etc, but that adds character),,, it plays sweet,, huge range of sound,, low LOW action,,
I'm going out right now to a practice,,

looking forward to the next coupla hours..

hoo haaa

forgot to mention
$700.00 CA$
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