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I guy I know has recently bought an '83 Fullerton Strat and he believes that the body is not the correct one for the guitar. He asked me and I have no idea.

His strat has the round routed rear bridge tension cavity and it also has an unused single grounding point under the pickguard (looks like a '79 body). The body on the fullerton has a four bolt neck.

It looks like the previous owned may have burried a hum cancelling single coil under the pickguard as there is a deep route that is not supposed to be there. (the pickup is no longer there either)

Does anyone out there have an '83 Fullerton that can give me some insight on if he has a complete guitar?

Myself, I wouldn't care as long as it played good, be He likes things to be right.

He is also looking to purchase an '83 Fullerton body as he is not happy with the burried pickup route.
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