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We're looking for someone who is able and willing to sing 80s hair metal (skid row, motley crue, halen, iron maiden etc..)
I know we're asking for a lot, we've tried many and been stuck with the same old thing, that stuck in the puberty kinda voice.

We're currently 2 guitarists and a bassist. We wanna be able to just play together for fun but, we want to get into a show next year (hence the singer). We are both 17, (will be 18 in a couple of months) and the basist 16 i think :| lawl. basist doesnt get a say. har har. its ok we love him.... anyways we are pretty open people, enjoy a good laugh.

If you think you can fit the part email me or just post here

thekyle50 @

:smilie_flagge17: \m/ :rockon2: \m/:smilie_flagge17:

p/s im in Montreal
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