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I am a little on the fence about this one but I am just enjoying Gibson's more than Fenders these days so I will put it out there and see if there is a good trade out there.

I got this Tele from a forum member and I believe a few here have owned it. This Tele had a humbucker in the bridge position that had been there for about 50 years. I had the route filled and put it back to a Telecaster bridge. The bridge pick-up is Rewind Electric and it is his take on a '66 Tele bridge pick-up. The neck pick-up is original as are the pots and switch. The neck was not original and I swapped a period correct '68 neck with it's original tuners. This Tele neck has the beautiful natural play wear that the custom shop just can't duplicate. Comes with the original case.

I am looking to trade for a vintage Gibson Guitars I am interested in a 60's Firebird Reverse or Non-Reverse, a 50's/60's LP Special, a 62-66 SG Special, 60's ES-335, 345, 330..... and possible a Les Paul Junior. I may also consider a vintage Marshall head. plus or minus cash either way depending on the values. For reference I have over $8500 into this guitar if you are considering a trade or cash offer.

Please PM me with any offers or interest and I can send or take more pics if needed. I would prefer like to keep this deal in person and local to the GTA or a reasonable drive from the GTA. I have been known to road trip if I really want something.

Thanks for looking.

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