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I found it on gbase listed as a 1953 because the dealer dated it wrong. The serial number reads 'C 11***' and my guess is the dealer read the 'C' as if it were the year 1953 in the date code. Luckily it was also $200 cheaper than all the other late '50s Champs listed so I went for it.

It got delivered to my work just as my shift ended, so I was able to basically take off as soon as I got it. I double checked my theory and the date code reads 'IK' - November 1959, and the volume pot is dated 5930.

I plugged it in (original two-prong cord) and fired it up. Nothing, at first, until I turned it up a little more to around three. *NICE* sound!!! 4-5watts is LOUD too! Turning it up to 6 and I'm in the piss-off-the-neighbours range of volume! I tried it through my 2x10 cab but I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. To muffled and low, I get more mids and crunch with the Champ's own speaker.

I'm very pleased with the little guy, worth the $950USD I paid, only complaint is the pilot light has no bulb, any lead on to the type and were to get one?

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