Here's a fun Tokai I picked up a few years ago. It's in no way original. In fact, I never had the original pickups.

I know very little about these guitars. It's not clear to me whether this is MIJ or MIK (I suspect the latter). Nonetheless, it's an excellent playing guitar. Very good intonation and action. The frets are larger than what you'd expect on a vintage-style guitar like this, but they're quite comfortable.

All parts show wear. Buckle chatter on the back of the body, touch up paint on lower bout, crazing/checking on upper bout, along with various dents and scrapes on fingerboard and frets. It looks like someone (not me, I promise) has tried to sand the board ever other fret. Mostly good, honest wear.

Body has shallower contours. Neck is a faster modern C shape. I'm not sure the exact radius, but it's at least 10".

I've enjoyed this guitar, but it's a compromise for me. I prefer a more accurate 50s-style Stratocaster. I'm clearing out anything that isn't entirely to my preferences. $400 obo.

Again, I want to emphasize this will NOT come with pickups or the midboost circuit seen in the photos. I do have the trem claw in my stash.

Trades would be:

-50's style Telecaster one piece maple neck (boat neck/V-shape essential)