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So I replicated my '83 2204 CSA in an old solid state 5010 chassis.

Fired it up and no smoke, flip the standby switch and I get a 120hz hum.

- the hum is constant and is not affected by the EQ, preamp or master volume;
- pulling V1 and V2 makes no difference;
- pulling V3, the phase inverter kills the noise completely.
- removing the center lead from the master volume almost kills the hum
- with the V3 installed:
- removing the lead from pin 1 almost kills the hum
- removing the lead from pin 6 almost kills the hum
- removing either leads 2 or 7 reduce the hum volume a bit

Any suggestions.... all grounding is as per the original amp.

EDIT - Fixed.... forgot to ground the speaker jack sleeve to the chassis.


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You gotta love it when a fix is something that simple.........and you spot it.......and it works!! :cool:
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