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2023 GAS Wish List

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Yes the economy looks gloomy, interest rates and fuel prices are going up. And you're going to buy a guitar in 2023. What's it going to be, and why?
(It goes without saying it will make you play better, no matter what it is, and probably make you better looking too)
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I guess we need a full fledged NGD with pic and back story to be sure :)
You gotta wait because I gotta wait. When there is no more waiting, the happy will be here
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... what am i gassing for?

  • the ability to use what i have/use smarter & better
  • to know and have the courage to let go of that which no longer serves my purposes & needs
  • more patience, stop worrying about shit
  • the Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver i ordered a while back. (patiently waiting, all good!)

Am workin' on re-assessing, re-thinking/re-imagining, consolidating, purging, and going for that which does serve my purposes & needs.

In the air at the moment are:
  • a delay, maybe a tape delay, maybe another reverb, a flanger, a power supply, another smaller pedalboard, and a few more cables
  • an electric slide guitar, or two
  • maybe a gauged straight edge, fret rocker, levelling beam, and a few other things
  • a set of 15" hi hats

Yup, everything's changing, everything's up in the air, another page of life turning ... and there's no plan and no idea what i'm doing anymore. i guess i'm just glad to start being lost in the right direction ... just takin' it moment to moment, lettin' a lot of shit go, living outside of my head, and just dealin' with what's before me.

Here. Now. No plan. Just do.
... and we'll see how the saga unfolds ...

[Edit ... and maybe i might have to lose a bit more gear (and a bit more of my mind) in order to swing for a "Scratchy Snatch" (@SmoggyTwinkles ... hmmm $261.CDN!) and a "Rock Slides" ... been vibin' for some swampy blues lately ...]

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and a "Rock Slides" ... been vibin' for some swampy blues lately ...]
... well, we can scratch the slide from the GAS "wish list" as of a minute ago ...
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