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Sold*2003 Gibson Custom Shop R0 (1960) Music Machine Stinger Les Paul Brazilian Rosewood*
These have skyrocket in prices.
This one had a small neck crack from previous owner.
It was repaired by Freddys Frets. No experience with this guy, but the job is unbelievable.
You see a little line and feel nothing. its been like that for a while.
I never got a COA but am including everything I got when I purchased it.
there is a card with the exact serial number on it.
This guitar has Brazilian Rosewood and serial lines up with Gibsons website.
This is #3 of 18 R0's made according to the info I have included.
This isn't a guitar I wanted to move but need to.
Looking for $5900
Comes with Brown Custom Shop Case
Not looking for trades at the moment.
If you have any questions pm me and you'll get the answers.

More info on Stingers.

"The Stinger Series custom guitars are all about The TONE!" according to Edwin Wilson, who was at the time, the Gibson Historic Program Manager and the man behind the magic of the Stinger Series guitars. In Commemoration of their 26th Anniversary, Music Machine of Washington, who was one of Gibson's biggest Dealers, had Gibson do a 500 guitar custom run to their spec's called the Stinger series. The owner of Music Machine, Dave Carpenter, has an original '59 burst with a stinger painted on the back of the headstock, that was pictured in Yasuhiko Iwanade's "BEAUTY OF THE 'BURST." So, the MM Stinger series was modeled after that guitar. The Stinger Series would be the largest custom run to date. There would be many and varied specifications, changing from model to model. The entire Stinger Series would have a black stinger painted on the back of the headstock like the more expensive Gibson models such as the Gibson L5 and Super 400 and Dave's original '59 Burst. The story goes that if there were any imperfections in the wood the stinger was painted on the back of the headstock to cover it. The entire Stinger Series would have Brazilian Rosewood Fretboards ('54-'60) and also get a special and extra series number on the back of the peghead along with the regular Gibson serial number. The Stinger Series special numbers start with MM for Music Machine and came with an additional and special certificate of authenticity.

There were only 35 1959 Reissue Les Paul guitars in the Series and these guitars have the most insane flame maple tops of any '59 Reissue ever built. Gibson allowed Edwin Wilson and the employee's of MM to do special wood pulls for this run and they picked the very best tops for these guitars. They have of the deepest 5A tops of any LP, since the good wood years in the 90's and this guitar (#16 of the run) was the one chosen for the Stinger brochure! So, you know this is a very, very special guitar! A guitar of this caliber is highly collectible and extremely sought after!

The flames are amazing, the color is perfect and these guitars sound just awesome - very different from the regular reissues. The tone is just so rich with the nicest mids and lows I have ever heard. They picked heavy neck blanks for this run because the neck acts like a big tuning fork. So most of the guitars weighed near 9 pounds but felt like they weighed 8 pounds because much of the weight was in the neck. This was another reason for the great tone.

The Stinger Series Gibson Les Paul 1959 Historic Reissues came with 4 different neck sizes, Extra, '59, Vintage Flat or Slim. The neck on this guitar is a true 1959 Gibson Les Paul neck. This neck size is the most comfortable and most popular among players.
The Stinger series was the debut for several finishes from Gibson Custom Art and Historic. These finishes were inspired by a particular page in the Beauty of the Burst book. Regardless of the neck size, the depth of the figure or the finish these Gibson Les Paul guitars were built for tone and this one has the sweetest sounding wood of any LP ever!

Total production:
22- '54 Stingers
34- '56 Stingers
46-'57 Stingers
14-'58 Stingers
35-'59 Stingers
18-'60 Stingers
6- Flying V Customs
20- SG Stingers
Plus a whole bunch of Acoustics
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