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2000th member

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Well a year and a half later we are getting close to getting our 2000th member. In the beginning I remember telling Scott I thought we'd be lucky to get 1000.

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Whoa now! Everyone's free to express
an opinion. If you don't like what you're
reading........turn the page.
What's the matter Jeff?
Truth sting a little? It shouldn't.... (not that I'm telling you how to feel... that is not my intention.... )
I'm not saying anything against this place in the least... I just don't think the member number count is an accurate measure of its success.
But then, I've always been a "quality over quantity" kind of fellow....
I guess you could say, it's just my opinion.... Hey... Isn't there something about opinions near the top of each page...
Maybe we should edit it so that it reads, "Try not to take other peoples opinions (or indeed your own) too seriously/personally... It is after all, just the internet."
Puscifer... 15 minutes of fame? Don't sell yourself short. Milk it for all it's worth!

1. try being a little more negative.
2. avoid contributing anything constructive.
3. always go on the attack.
4. avoid humour. opt for sarcasm.
5. try your best not to be considerate of the other person's feelings or open to their viewpoint.

...bzzztttt!!!!!!! no more calls! we have a winner!


"consists purely of insulting and annoying people"
Could you be a bigger suck, do you think?

"the owner is certainly free..."
To do what they want, and it's no business of yours or mine....
My comment was just a half-joke in response to Clint's comment about deleting zero-post accounts.

...but, having said that, anybody's freedom to express an opinion on a privately-owned web-board extends exactly as far as the owner of that board wishes to allow it. If somebody's so-called "opinion" consists purely of insulting and annoying people, and the owner of the board doesn't want to put up with that, the owner is certainly free to punt that person.

I agree with you man. My post was not directed
at you specifically, but to anyone reading in general.
If you took offense, I apologize, that was not my
ciao fer now,
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41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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