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2000th member

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Well a year and a half later we are getting close to getting our 2000th member. In the beginning I remember telling Scott I thought we'd be lucky to get 1000.

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Lots of growth to happen here yet, I will agree to a remark made earlier in the post about it feeling like a small town board. There's been lots of great post and contest over the last while and if you need to know something about gear, someone will always come up with a solution or advice for you.
Great job mods... :smilie_flagge17:
Maybe after the new members have been here for a while they will feel more like adding posts. I know I usually feel out the mood of the board before I jump in and I have over 1000 posts. Some forums are a little more friendlier than others. Give it time, that's one thing we have lots of.
1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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