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2000th member

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Well a year and a half later we are getting close to getting our 2000th member. In the beginning I remember telling Scott I thought we'd be lucky to get 1000.

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It has grown at a pretty good rate. We must thank everyone invloved for making it a great forum with a lot of information for guitarists. Thanks to all involved. :smilie_flagge17:
Only 99 of which have 3 digits of posts or more...

793 members have NO posts at all...

633 members have single digit posts... (1-9)

And what are we celebrating again?
That certainly took the wind out of the sails :eek:
Not to be a poop, but how many registrations could be bots?
None, I personally screen each one prior to approval and acceptance. Plus, these last two versions of vBulletin have really improved the security of the bot sign-ups. I have seen a 95% drop in them getting through the registration screen. With the new security features it's getting much better.
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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