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2000th member

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Well a year and a half later we are getting close to getting our 2000th member. In the beginning I remember telling Scott I thought we'd be lucky to get 1000.

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Only 99 of which have 3 digits of posts or more...

793 members have NO posts at all...

633 members have single digit posts... (1-9)

And what are we celebrating again?
Well then look at it this way....

Of the last 30 to sign up we've had some members post several times. So as far as I'm concerned each new sign up is a good thing.

No need to rain on every thread is there? Just back away from the keyboard sometimes... :smile:
I wonder what number Puscifer would be if we deleted all the zero post accounts that haven't even come here in the last 3 or 6 months....

I'll wager it'd be under 1000 by a long shot.
Let it go already!
1 - 5 of 44 Posts
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