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2000th member

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Well a year and a half later we are getting close to getting our 2000th member. In the beginning I remember telling Scott I thought we'd be lucky to get 1000.

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Me Too!

I'm so glad I found this place! It's really nice to be able to ask questions and not feel dumb about it.
Here's to the upcoming 2K

As to posting. I'm here daily, reading
and learning something new every visit.
I don't always have something to say.
Usually only when I can add more info
to a given thread to be helpful in some way.
But to post simply for the sake of posting.......
Oil well......negative attention is still attention

I guess.
What he said......

I'm quite happy to have found this place. It's very nice to have somewhere to ask questions and not get attitude in response..

1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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